Make your move. Your oven racks are moveable for a reason. For single-rack baking, place the rack in the middle of the oven or you risk over-browning the top or bottom of your food. If you are using two racks, offset the pans to improve circulation.
Let it breathe. Covering your oven racks with foil keeps the air from circulating properly – and your food from cooking properly.
Pick your pan. Cookie sheets weren't designed for broiling food, and may cause your food to smoke. Use the broiler pan that came with your range. If you still get smoke, the rack may be too close to the element.
Be careful in the dark. In the oven, darker pans absorb more heat, causing food to brown more quickly. Time your baking accordingly, or use shiny pans for delicate items.
Avoid the crowd. Food that is too close to the oven wall won't cook evenly, and items that rise like cakes may come out lopsided.
Try it on for size. Pans that are too large for the burner won't heat correctly, and may discolor your cooktop. For glass-ceramic burners, pans should hang over no more than one inch, and on gas or electric burners pans should hang over no more than two inches.
Pick it up a little. Sliding pans across a glass-ceramic cooktop can scratch the surface, and on gas or electric grates you can get metal marks on the pan or the grate.
Keep it clean. Food spills can discolor your drip pans or scratch a glass-ceramic cooktop, and plastic or sugary spills can permanently bond to your glass-ceramic cooktop. Always clean up spills immediately.
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