Cooking 101

Before you swing by the store, use these helpful tips to prep for your purchase.

Measure Your Space

Before you buy, measure the height, width and depth of your cutout space.

Height, Width and Depth

Add 2″ of depth to accommodate the door handle.

Add 1″ to both sides for air circulation.

Measure the size of the doorways, hallways and other points of entry in your home to ensure your new range will be able to pass through.

Is Your Connection Gas or Electric?

Gas Range


Why you'll like it:

Visible flame provides precise control over a wide range of temperature settings. Burners retain little heat when turned off — so cooking stops almost immediately.

What you'll need:

Most gas ranges can be connected to a natural gas or propane line. Connect to a gas line for the cooktop and oven and to an electric outlet for the clock and oven lights.

What to look for:

Electronic ignition to light burners instantly, and sealed burners for easy cleanup.

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Electric Range


Why you'll like it:

Available with traditional coil heating elements or easy-to-clean ceramic glass cooktops. Cooking elements provide consistent, even heat while the oven heats evenly and quickly.

What you'll need:

Connection to electric outlet for cooktop, oven, clock and lights. Ceramic cooktops need special cleaners that are available through the manufacturer.

What to look for:

Hot surface indicators for added safety. A convection fan to circulate oven air for shorter baking times.

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What Features Do You Want?

Versatile Cooktop

Multiple element or burner options let you cook more of your favorites at the same time.

SpillsaverTM Upswept Cooktop

Spilled the beans? It's no problem with raised edges that keep messes contained.

Large Oven Capacity

With room to fit the lasagna and the pie, you can get dinner and dessert to the table at the same time.

Temp AssureTM Cooking System

Distributes heat throughout the entire oven so comfort foods, like mom's beef pot roast, taste just how you like them.

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Important Considerations


Confirm the electrical output is sufficient for the location of your new range. Check the Use and Care Guide for specific electrical requirements. Check installation instructions for exact measurements.


Decide how you will dispose of your old range, if necessary. Some retailers offer removal of your old range with delivery of your new one. Ranges in good condition may be donated to a local charity.


Contact a licensed professional for installation. New installations may require significant carpentry and electrical skills.

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