Turn Up the Heat

Learn what our cooktops bring to the table, delivering four burners/elements with up to 12,500 BTUs/2,100 Watts.

Amana Cooktops

Dinner is Served

4 Burners/Elements

Fit for a Feast

Make the whole menu and more. 4 Burners/Elements with up to 12,500 BTUs/2,100 Watts help you fry, boil, simmer and melt extra favorites at the same time.

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Easy-To-Install Cooktop

Installs with Ease

Complement the style of your wall oven with this Easy-To-Install Cooktop.

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Front or Right Controls

Dial It Up

Easily accessible Front or Right Controls let you turn up the heat just how you like it.

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Sealed Burners

Don't Sweat the Small Spills

Our Sealed Burners make cleanup easy by keeping spills from spreading.

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Dishwasher-Safe Grates and Knobs

Easy Cleanup

Put away the sponge. Our Dishwasher-Safe Grates and Knobs are easily removable so you can leave the cleaning up to the dishwasher.

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Find the Right Cooktop

Use the filter settings to see which cooktop is right for you.

Where To Buy

Before Heading Out, Please Call The Store To Ensure The Model You Are Interested In Is Available.

Find the cooktop that fits

Before you buy, measure the width, height and depth of your cutout space.
Enter the dimensions below for our recommendation (e.g. 30.5 or 30-1/2).

Allow 30″ minimum between the top of your cooktop
and the bottom of your cabinets.
Refrigerator Diagram
Measure how far your cooktop extends below the countertop, especially if you are installing above a wall oven.
Allow a minimum distance between the left and right edges of the cooktop and the nearest combustible material above it (1″ for electric and 6″ for gas models).
Your cooktop should be installed at least 1″ out from the back wall of your counter. Note: To eliminate the risk of fire damage, you should avoid placing your cooktop below storage cabinets.
The risk of fire can be reduced with a range hood that projects 5″ or farther out beyond the cabinet bottom.
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