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Amana Freezers
Fast Freeze

Cold snap

The Fast Freeze Option helps you chill large amounts of food fast at just the push of a button.

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Free-o-Frost™ System

Keep buildup at bay

The Free-O-Frost™ System helps prevent ice buildup, so you don’t have to worry about setting aside time to defrost the freezer.

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DeepFreeze® Technology

Frozen for the
long run

DeepFreeze® Technology cools down the freezer to an ice-cold -8° to help frozen food last longer.

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Low-impact freezing

Low-impact freezing

You can create a smaller footprint with Revolutionary Insulation, which has a 99.9 percent lower global
warming potential.*

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* Based on comparisons of previously used insulation blowing agents, Hydroflurocarbon (HFC) 245fa with Global Warming Potential of 858 and Honeywell Solstice Liquid Blowing Agent, a Hydrofluoro-Olefin 1233zd(e) with Global Warming Potential of 1.

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