Chill out with flexible storage options

Learn how our refrigerators keep everything within sight and within reach, so you can grab your favorites and go.

Amana Refrigerators

Fit all your favorites

Humidity-Controlled Garden Fresh? Crisper Bins.

Grab your greens

Keep fruits and veggies in sight and top of mind with Humidity-Controlled Garden Fresh™
Crisper Bins.

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Gallon Door Storage Bins

Store big beverages

Use Gallon Door Storage Bins to fit big beverages like milk jugs and juice cartons.

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Flip-Up Storage Shelves

Fit tall orders

Store wine and 2-liter sodas with adjustable Flip-Up Storage Shelves.

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SpillSaver? Glass Shelves

Spills don't spread

SpillSaver™ Glass Shelves come with raised edges to keep
messes contained.

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Find the Right Refrigerator

Use the filter settings to see which refrigerator is right for you.

Where To Buy

Before Heading Out, Please Call The Store To Ensure The Model You Are Interested In Is Available.

Find the refrigerator that fits

Before you buy, measure the width, height and depth of your cutout space.
Enter the dimensions below for our recommendation (e.g. 30.5 or 30-1/2).

Refrigerator Diagram
Add 1/2″ to the top of the refrigerator.
Add 3-3/4″ minimum space to the hinged side and 1/2″ to the non-hinged side for door clearance and airflow. Note: Remember, side-by-side refrigerators have hinges on both sides, so you will need to allow 3-3/4″ on each side.
Add 1/2″ of space in the back to allow extra room for water lines if model has an ice maker or water dispenser.
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